The American Awakening has confronted the Obama Pelosi machine’s drive to subordinate the nation’s private sector, and ultimately us.   Yet Sheldon Whitehouse sees our objections to his side’s agenda as unfounded and “radical”.  He also called us a bunch of “Aryans”, though I am not sure if he knows exactly what that means.  What he is trying to suggest is that we are a white power reaction to this wonderful “young president”, even though he did not offer one piece of evidence to support that our resistance to this madness is racially motivated.

And because of this fact, Whitehouse is the one who reflects Heinrich Himmler’s vision of racial ideology. 

First , he and the other black Statists who consistently declare you to be racists for rejecting Barrack Obama are denying your right to political question based on the color of YOUR skin.  This contention assumes that they can  scientifically prove that every single person in America is benefitted by his programs, and that they should know these benefits without examination.  This has not been the case for any president in our nation’s history.  Every president has been met with dissention. 

There were even many who disparaged George Washington as being a “sell-out” for his support of Jay’s Treaty.  Was that racially motivated?

Also Diana Watson said that “Rush Limbaugh wants “the first president who looks like me to fail.”  WHO THE HELL CARES WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE ANYWAY!  That’s your defense for this guy?   He doesn’t even look like most of the black people in America!  And by the way HE IS ONLY HALF BLACK.  AND HIS FATHER IS NOT THE DESCENDANT OF AMERICAN SLAVES.

But isn’t Sheldon part of a group that protested Obama not doing enough for black people.  So it’s OK for them to reject Obama’s agenda, but not for you, or for us black conservatives who are “betraying our people”. This is the  racial nationalism of the very “Aryans” that they accuse us of being. 

And we know the truth, much of Barry’s 44% approval is maintained by people’s concern that they might be identified with those “who don’t want to accept a black president”.   And many of them also say they do not agree with his agenda, but do not want to see him fail because they like him, or feel sorry for them.  I believe his real approval rating is far below 44%.

A friend of mine, a white woman,  said to me “I think he (Joe Wilson) yelled ‘you lie’, because he though the could get away with it, being that Obama was a black president.”  When I said that it was unfair to assume that he was racist because he is a southern Republican she said “I don’t know about that”.

She is an intelligent woman, but she was given bad information. 

I would love to have a black president, as long as he is not falling into the media partisanship that those in his office shoud rise above, at in presentation.  This has not been the case with Barack Obama, and that, not some “Aryan” movement is what is causing him to fail.

  1. January 3, 2010 at 10:24 am

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  2. Firesign58
    July 20, 2010 at 2:21 am

    This is quite good and I will re-post your blog link. Thanks again for posting! I am happy to have run across it.

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