The Statist Cabal has gotten off the a stellar start in the month of March.  Charlie Rangel’s is still a major leak in the Pelosi’s Good Ship Lollypop, and now Congressman Massa is telling the world that he is being forced out of office because he was cooperating  with their health control scheme.  But Reverend Jeremiah “broke down George Jefferson” Wright still thinks things are going great for his team.  Friday he gave himself, Louis Farrakhan, and Father Michael Flagger Living Legend Awards for their race baiting promotion of victim politics.   And last Sunday Dan Rather questioned Barack Obama’s ability to sell watermelons.  Once again, this faction that so often attacks conservatives for being racist shows that they are ones with the problem.
Dan Rather is  liberal former anchor of CBS news.  Is is reflecting the fact that a lot of people on the  left are angry at Obama because they are not getting what they want. Rather was an anti-George Bush guy, and that is why this comment is relevant. He made millions of dollars in a field that focuses on what words mean to people, so many don’t buy that this was just a slip up. And he said it on Chris Matthew’s show, and Matthews constantly accuses  conservatives of being racist because they oppose Obama.
On Matthews Sunday morning program he said Obama was a “nice and articulate guy” but that “he couldn’t sell watermelons”.  This sounds really bad.  But as with the Reid comment, The Greyfalcon sees the coverage of this statement as more troubling than the statement itself.   Actually, it is entirely possible that Rather simply made an unfortunate choice, or maybe he had watermelon at his country club.  We are not advocates of political correctness, and we cannot read Rather’s mind.  People make mistakes.
The problem even goes beyond the obvious, “what if a conservative had said this”.  We have already been down that road thousands of times.  The problem is that the ENTIRE media establishment somehow has been directed to sweep this under the rug.  Rush Limbaugh said the Rather statement ended with “if highway patrolmen were flagging down cars.”  But it is difficult to check that because as of now the comment is not up anywhere the way it would have been if Rush himself would have made the remark.  How do they get EVERYONE to ignore this? 
We honestly don’t care that much about the comment itself, he made a bad joke.  Big deal.  But Rather was also someone who fabricated the George Bush draft controversey, and he made this gaffe on a show with a commentator that says that our opposition to Obama is racial motivated.  So there margin for error should be much lower for Rather here.
The practitioners of the Vile Politic kicked off last weekend with a gala event Friday night, where Reverend Wright declared himself Farrakhan and Flagger living legends.  For what?    They are not known for the community service they always bring up when someone objects to their vitriolic dogma.  No one cares about his ministry for ex convicts or Farrakhan helping between get off of drugs.  If they did that fine, but that didn’t make them famous.  And Flagger is just their hype man, ( that guy that repeats the every fourth word that the main rapper says, you know like Flava Flav).  His major philanthropy was hinding illegal immigrants, and then bragging about it. 
They are not known for their good deeds, they are known for being anti-American bigots.  Reverend Wright gave this sophomoric speech at the press club in 2008 about how Jans Hales Benson taught him that black kids are genetically prone to climb on their desks and misbehave in school.   He also said that black music naturally starts on the second and third beats.  Guess he never heard James Brown. (Hey (one beat accent) I’ m black and I’m proud).  Bernie Goldberg said “this speech shows his intellectual cowardess”.  We believe Bernie was a being a little generous.
 Did the mainstream media jump on him for this idiocy. NO! but the bloggers did.  And then after the bloggers and conservative media drove him on his garbage, Obama finally decided that “after hearing these comments” he could no longer be associated with Wright. 
AFTER THESE COMMENTS. AFTER THESE COMMENTS.  Guess saying GD America and the 9/11 attacks were our fault, are not really grounds for dissociating oneself from the guy.    If the print media that Chuck Todd recently defended had just done it’s jump, it might have been a major turning point in the election.  But instead, they made sure that they stayed on Obama and the “black leadership’s” good side, while the people in these communities who have to bar their windows still wait for someone to expose these creeps. 
You see, when we did our jump, people came back to us.  We didn’t cheat, we just did your job for you.
Louis Farrakhan is just your run of the mill anti-Semite Hitler loving low achievement embracing hatemonger.(  Nothing special to speak as of late.  Though a few years ago he said that rich white people are all going to hell, except for a few that agreed with him.  And he also said that America was no good.  But if you go to his website, he is selling everything from buttons to coffee mugs.  Guess the fortune he made on his little movement was not enough to make him like the nation he denigrates.  
And just so you know, we don’t like anti-Semites who oppse Obama either, you know who you are.
But where is the  print media or major network coverage of this hatefest.  Bill O’Reilly asked a black woman magazine writer why the Chicago media was not covering it.  She said that it was not unusual for the Chicago press to ignore black events, and that you have to put the three men “in context”.
This “in context” cop-out is what many use to keep these proponents of pathology in power.  But we heard the “in context” thing before, with George Wallace.
George Wallace was known as the southern segregationists who “stood in the doorway” to block integration.  But during the 1964 presidential campaign, he changed his tune somewhat.  He spoke more about anti-communism and states rights, and even said that he did not oppose Wisconsin or any other state  integrating, as long as it was the state’s choice.  Wallace also reached out to Polish immigrants and tried to make his anti civil rights creed a matter of protecting individuals and states from an overbearing government. 
When people said that he was a bigot, his supporters retorted, “he’s not a bigot, you have to put him in context.”
But today’s print media does not even advance the discussion.  They simply go along with the program and ignore a story that would bring them more readership.
So Chuck, it is not us that is killing your precious liberal media, it is you and yours.  We are just replacing it with something better. 
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