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We Need Conservative Warrios Not Moral Killers

The Greyfalcon has great appreciation for the tremendous work done by the conservative talk show community.  We truly believe that conservative talk radio has played an undeniable role in educating and motivating the American people .  Without it, we may have already been pulled past the point of no return.  And we absolutely support every conservative and libertarian host who is being persecuted by the Statist’s attack on free speech. 

And Fox News also deserves credit for providing an alternative to the NBC/ Turner Network agenda driven attempt to limit information and  choices for voters and concerned citizens.  For that we thank you sincerely.

However, The Greyfalcon must address an emerging trend amongst a few of the large market national commentators.  We will not name them as to not feed into the smear campaigns against our cause.

This is just a dialog between those who care deeply for this nation’s future.

There is no question that the progressive authoritarian matrix runs is extensive, and that they have permeated the material core of our government.  Their power is significant, but not absolute.  They have weaknesses that we have only begun to explore.

But some high-profile conservatives are making them better than they are.

Sarah Palin scared them into revealing their true nature before they wanted to, significantly compromising their position as the “fair and just” movement.  They did not destroy Sarah Palin, they merely tested her strength and resilience.

But some “conservatives” insist that Katie Couric and Bob Gibson discredited her, when in fact they discredited themselves.  Over 75% of the people we asked to give five reasons why they disliked the Obama- Pelosi -Reid cabal cited Palin’s treatment as one of the reasons, and over half cited Couric and Gibson’s interviews as specifically part of that problem.

Those that say that the media’s characterization of her as unintelligent and rustic claim that this makes her unviable for future public office, let alone the presidency.  But there is someone else they did this to and he did just fine.

Ronald Reagan.

The mainstream media and even establishment Republicans treated Reagan horribly during his 1976-1980 journey to the White House.  They even said things like “Reagan’s brain would be perfect for a  transplant because he’s never used it”, and many of his party said the when his moth moves, the words were that of his campaign manager John Sears.  Even George Bush 41 made implicit remarks about Reagan’ s age during their primary contest.

Reagan eventually told Sears to get out-of-the-way and let him be himself, and we all know what happened next!

So the conservatives who are accept the MSNBC and Tina Fey version of Sarah Palin’s story might want to do a little studying on the history of the movement they claim to be a part of.

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