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December 21, 2009 1 comment

As we approach $14 trillion dollars in national debt, the question looms “How do we ever get out of this?”  We always hear, let’s cut spending, but what exactly do we cut?  Do determine this we must first establish what the true function of government is.

Ronald Reagan said “Government is there to protect us from each other, the problem begins when government tries to protect us from ourself.”  The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution as the basis for a government for the people by the people.  The transition from the federalist papers to the Constitution was based on addressing the problems of providing for a common defense, effective foreign policy, coordinated interstate commerce, a common currency, and a judiciary that would provide citizens with a fair and just legal system.

 And they gave the Congress the power to tax for the purpose of fulfilling these tasks.  We must return government to this foundation.

So first, we decide what is the government here for.  The presidents must important and clearly defined role is a Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces.  So whatever is needed for this task, for ensuring that the USA is the most powerful military in the world, as we are charged with defending history’s most virtuous cause; freedom.   Before any other aspect of the budget is dealt with we must fortify our military to its highest level necessary.

Because it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on wind turbines if you have been invaded by people who want to kill you.  And yes, there are people who would attack us and kill us if we did have the military that we have today.

Next, an apparatus must be established to protect the citizens internally.  We don’t like to say from each other, as most upstanding citizens do not want to hurt each other seriously enough to warrant state prevention.  But there are those who renounce their membership in the Civil Society, and someone has to stop them.

Some want a “live free” situation where there is no government at all.  Problem is we already tried this. In Europe, during  the dark ages, the so-called Romantic knights and swashbuckler were really gang members and thugs, who called the shots locally.  The monarchy’s control was limited, as it relied on the nobility to contribute its fighting force to fight wars. 

This meant that the knights were able to set up protection rackets on their land, taking payments from the farmers in exchange for protection from other knights. However, instead of protecting them, they usually used the just robbed the lands of the knight who robbed the peasants who were under him.  The people really never got much real protection, unless they became thugs themselves.

Eventually, the peasants decided that they preferred the authoritarian rule of a strong king over the chaos of local nobility competition.

We don’t want this, so we will not do this.  SORRY FELLAS, IT JUST  DOESN”T WORK.

So law enforcement has to be paid for.  Though the local municipalities have a responsibility, we do need a justice department to unify practices and standards throughout the nation.  And they must be compatible with our overall security apparatus.

The government is given the power to create currency, and to regulate interstate commerce.  The Department of Commerce has a role, but it should be an extension of the Treasury, not a separate Department.  Currently, the states handle most of the work in attracting foreign business to American.

We also need to make sure that there is a currency that works for everyone.  There are some, including economists who we greatly admire, who advocate allowing the people to determine what currency they want to use. But history has shown that if the people are not protected, the government can be used to allow large cooperation to manipulate this choice against the citizens. 

Also we have not been provided with a proven working model for this, so until then the best option is to stick with the Constitution’s enumerated power of coinage.

Finally, the judiciary’s purpose is to protect the people’s Constitutional rights, not to make them up as we go along.  The courts have the power to protect free speech and the right to bear arms.  But suing a dry cleaner for $15 million for losing or ruining a suit because of the potential impact on a future career, well that is not what the judiciary should be doing.  

George bush gave a compelling dissertation on this matter, and if we had implemented his Constitution inspired reforms it probably would have saved or helped to create trillions in lost nation revenue due to superfluous law suits and legal obfuscation. 

But the Bar Association and the phony civil rights crusaders like Jackson, Sharpton, and Ballentine would have to find something productive to do with their time.  Maybe they could anchor MSNBC programs.

These functions defense, law enforcement, currency, and the facilitation of profitable interstate commerce should be the exclusive basis for taxation.  Other ancillary processes involved in these primary roles, such as highway infrastructure and special technical military relevant training, should be developed as extensions these budget requirements. 

So the Department of Transportation may be somewhat useful, if funded where private enterprize cannot adequately conduce the urgent needs of these four vital pillars.  But general infrastructure spending just to get people working is out of the question.

Once you determine the financial requirements of these functions, you can then decide how  much you need to tax the citizens.


The Greyfalcon calls for the complete  elimination of the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Labor.   Combined with the Economic Recovery Act, the Department of Education has a 2010 budget of $129 billion dollars.  Every dime of that money should go into paying off the debt, as well as the rest of the $300 billion going to these unproductive agencies.

When the private sector business performs as poorly as they do, it usually goes under.  It’s time for these disgraceful aberrations to do the same.

The Department of Health and Human Services  should be limited to handling REAL emergencies, and facilitating  matters involving our national security. Creating an H1M1 panic, then demonstrating that you would be inept in handling it, is not an appropriate role of government.

Hey Kathleen, we don’t need you to tell us how to sneeze! 

The Agriculture, and EPA Department actions should be handled by the Justice and Commerce division of the Treasury.  Currently the Agriculture Department is going back over 14,ooo claims of discrimination that were “not pursued” by the Bush Administration.  Obama has spent nearly 10 million dollars on experts to examine these cases, and the director of this project said that “we found that at least 20 to 30% of these cases were valid.”  Not only did his people admit that up to 80% of the claims were bogus, but that almost on all of those cases, the statute of limitations has run out.

And of course, the EPA is being used to attempt and illegal and unconstitutional circumvention of the Congress to impose Cap-and-Tax like burdens on american business, in light of the Copenhagen scandal.

The Greyfalcon has determined that we could easily save $500 billion dollars on  this year’s budget if we eliminated government service that was not defined by the Constitution.  And that’s just for starters. 

We could also reduce what we tax our citizens.  We would purpose that no person have to pay more than 32.99% of their income after all city , state, and federal income taxes are paid, no matter how much they make.  The ultimate goal would be the end to the progressive income tax, which was first proposed by Karl Marx. 

Contrary to this anti-growth administration’s position on “the rich”, when someone in America makes money it doesn’t hurt people who have less than them.  It goes to stocks, bonds, bank accounts, inventory replacement, capital investment, and public bond purchases that help the people of this nation at every income level.


Lee Presser, the creator of “Conversations with Lee Presser”, sees the overall issue at hand as a simple issue. Lee says “We need to get back to what we were best at for the last century, Wealth creation.”

In order to do that, the American Awakening must stop the progressive authoritarians campaign against that very goal.

St. Louis Citizenship Movement Plays Major Role in National Politics

December 5, 2009 Leave a comment

The St. Louis Chapter of the American Awakening has been in the national mix since the beginning of this story.  The St. Louis School of common sense conservatism has emerged as at least as formidable as the Chicago Political Machine.  

During the summer town hall meetings, Kenneth Gladney, a black vendor was viciously attacked by SEIU union thugs who called him the N word.  The two men who assaulted him were black, and explicitly citied his being a black person opposed to Obama as being the reason why they attacked him.  

Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingham, Glenn Beck, and Bill O’Reilly all featured the incident on their programs.  This helped bring to light the questionable relationship between SEIU, ACCORN, and Barrack Obama.

When Obama leapt at the chance to defend his buddy Professor Gates, a black man who had wrongly accused the police of racism, he exposed a clear bias against the Gladney case.  He had often cited SEIU as his allies, even stating that they would be part of shaping the nations transformation.

Ernst Rohm and the Brownshirts were also promised a part of shaping Germany’s future in the 1930’s

The unwillingness of local district attorneys to prosecute the case, as well as the case of Kelly Owens, demonstrates this administration’s selective attention.  Attorney General Eric Holder is eager to prosecute our intelligence operatives, but has put no pressure on this situation.


Also, the Whole Foods Buycott, a commercial support of the company’s CEO for opposing the Health Care Reform, resulted in a $50,000 profit for the company. Dana Loesch and Gina Louden did more to save the nation’s economy in one day than this congress and this president has done in an entire year.

Dana has also spearheaded the “Dump Dede”  campaign, which helped save us from another Republican advocate of this Statist agenda.  And the resounding support for Doug Hoffman, a relative unknown, suggested possibilities that color the vision for a groundbreaking 2010 election.

On MSNBC, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine unsuccessfully tried to diminish the gains of the national grassroots movement.  He claimed that the Tea Party Awakening was “savaging” the Republican Party, and that it was actually going to benefit the Democrats in 2010.  He insisted that the movement had “sacked the Republican nominee” in New York-23.

This shows his ignorance and fear.  Politicians like Kaine act as though we don’t know what these candidates stand for.  What’s the point in voting for a Republican that is going to vote for things we don’t want.  As if we will feel good about giving our freedom away as long as it’s being supervised by a few Republicans.

Hey Tim, sometimes when you pretend that some else is dumb, it makes you look stupid.