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A Presidential Campaign Speech That We Would Like to Hear

December 22, 2009 1 comment

They Greyfalcon was not impressed with the Obama campaign.  Unlike, most pundits, including  many conservative commentators, we do not see this as the “greatest campaign ever”, only a very opportunistic one.   His “eat the rich” message was actually passe, and was only successful because he faced an already discreditted Republican Party and and shabby McCain campaing that actually worked against the best candidate in the field, Sarah Palin.

Here we have a version of a speech that would have launched a campaign that we would have been interested in, regardless of the party.

First and foremost, I want to begin by stating that America is the greatest nation on earth.   No other nation has done more to advance to cause of liberty, justice, and security than this one.  The president’s first responsibility is as  commander and chief.  This responsiblity means that my top priority is to protect the American people from any threat to this nation, to even one of its citizens, will be dealt with the utmost severity.   The United States will not tolerate threats against our allies,  and we proudly accept the fact that we do have a responsibility to stop evil around the world.  That is why I will strengthen our military’s combat capacities by 10% in the first year.  The most important part of our military ’s combat capacity is our fighting men and women, and they will be rewarded for their unprecedented valor. 

 I will not sign a budget that does not include a 19%  increase in pay for enlisted   personnel and a 25% increase in pay for combat service.  Also, every member of our combat force will be given every vehicle, every vest, and bit of medical support before a single dollar will be allocated for anything else.  And any combat team in the field will be protected with the highest level of air support and tactical discretion.    And our intelligence services will be given every resource to provide us with the vital information we need to employ effective responses to threats.  There will be no prosecutions of  anyone who acting under the instructions  of this nation’s directives.  Our people are not the enemy. 

As president, my role is not to save the economy.  That is your job.  I believe that you are still the most innovative people in this world, and I believe in your ability to bring us to even greater heights than we have seen before.   I will not sign a revenue act that does not limit the maximum individual amount of total federal, state, and city liability to 32.99%. No person should ever have to pay more than a third of their income, no matter how much they make.  The time for punishing success is over.  Those who have seen the fruits of their labor and talent flourish are not a problem, they are good, descent people who should not be taken advantage of.  My goal is to have the top marginal rate down to under 25% in five years.  I will insist on a reduction for every income level, because I think that you are better at creating wealth than the government is.   I will veto any tax act that does not include a capital gains tax of  reduction to less than 15%, with the goal of eliminating the tax all together. 

 The revenues generated from the increase in investment will actually increase income tax revenues, even at the reduced rates.  Cooperate taxes will not rise above 25%, with a simplified code that only allows for viable deductions such as capital depreciation.

Regulation is not achieved by having more laws and more rules, it is achieved by having better performance on the part of the regulators.   I reject the notion that our financial predicament is the result of insufficient regulation.  The housing collapse that precipitated the crisis was created more by the government’s artificial propping up housing prices and by distorting Fannie and Freddie’s position with a guarantee to protect it from bad  investments.   I will veto any attempts to use your money to bail out financial institutions that did not establish sound risk management practices. 

JP Morgan Chase did not need bail out money, they were coerced into participation.  I will initiate an executive order releasing any institution from obligations that were imposed by Tarp and the Recovery Act.  Giving failing companies money for their poor performance then dictating terms to them is dealing in bad faith.  It is immoral.  Instead, we will provide reasonable market structural insurance for private and small business acquisitions and purchases of companies that are no longer competitive.  This will simply give you, the hard-working American people a chance to create consortiums to replace these firms.  It’s your turn.

I will appoint justices that base their law on the Constitution.  Yes we must adjudicate from the eyes of a modern world, but without the constitutional foundation then we have no means of  providing equal legal justice.   I will back our nation’s law enforcement, the best and most credible law force in the world.  I call for a 6-9% increase in pay for law enforcement officers.  It is my job to enforce the law, and I will initiate a program to stop violent crime at the source.  The FBI will be given every resource to infiltrate, apprehend, and neutralize violent offenders. 

The nation’s notorious hate groups and militias were brought down by relentless pressure and our ability to make them wonder if they had been compromised.  Violent criminals will be likewise pursues.  All crime is hate crime, I will veto any legislation that creates differential penalties for hurting a member of one group over another.  Instead the Attorney General will be advised to seek that punishments for violent crime be severe, and that the time be severed as it is sentenced.

And if elected, my presidency will not be about me or my popularity, it will be about you.


December 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Recently Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid compared proponents of HC3962 to those who fought for the abolish of slavery.  Obviously, Reid didn’t think this through very well.  I hope he didn’t anyway.  Through this gratuitous use of the nation’s greatest crime and contradiction progressive authoritarian committment to the politics of victimization, attempting to garner support from blacks and those sympathetic to their historical suffering.  But his bland delivery (he read it from his notes), and the statements awkward placement reveal his absolute disconnect with this nation’s true character.

And it also reveals him to be a racist.  Whenever someone on the far left is losing a debate with conservatives, they pull out the old, “what about the plight of African-Americans” play (actually we’re black Americans, or just Americans but that’s another issue). 

When Sean Hannity was refuting two UC Cal Berkley students who were advocating socialism, he got them to admit that they would have to confiscate people’s wealth to achieve that goal.  One of the women said “you tax them, there is no reason why anyone should make more than $500,000.”   (By the way, Berkley Cal grad students, if you have a cap you don’t need a tax!)   The other student said, capitalism is not working, ask the African-Americans here in Pittsburgh who are out of work.  Last I checked there were white people and Hispanics out of work too.

While we’re at it, Sean was instrumental in the vindication of the Haditha marines, who John Murtha tried to strip of their freedom. 

Here, our nation’s “best and brightest”, resort to a racial appeal to defend an indefensible position.  Whenever that neo-socialists get into a bind they claim they are doing it to save the poor, hapless black people who cannot compete in this evil free-market economy.  

The fact is, black Americans have emerged as one of the most prosperous groups in the world.  Would one argue that the people of Liberia, Iraq, Bosnia, Mexico, Burma, or Iceland generally have it better than black people in this nation?

And as for actual African-Americans, immigrants who become citizens, between 43-48% of them get college degrees, and as a group earn at least 100% of the national income average within two generations.  By the way, many of them are descendants of the people who sold our ancestors to the Europeans, so maybe Malik Shabaz should be trying to get reparations from them!

Prince Harry is trying to appeal to his “subjects” sense of inferiority and weakness.  He knows that the driving force behind the dwindling popular support for this bill is the idea that it will help the less fortunate.  He and his Statist cabal are trying to suggest that the town hall protesters  and Tea Party movements are trying to disenfranchise minorities because they cannot handle the physiological impact of having a half-black man in the White House.

But it is this very Statist cabal that is trying to disenfranchise us!  Everything in this bill is designed to restrict choice and redistribute health care to those who need it less.  The plan forces everyone to get insurance, pay a fine, or go to prison.  It cuts half a trillion dollars from Medicare, which will reduce access to seniors who worked in a time where handouts were not so plentiful.  And they beat the Nazis, so they deserve better than this. 

It imposes payroll taxes on small businesses that are not involved in the public plan, and through underhanded and unconstitutional methods drives the top marginal rate up to 45%.  This at time when the unemployment rate stands at 10%

Reid fashions President Barrack Obama as the Great Emancipator.  I see him more as the Great Subordinator.